Julie Simons author

He could guard an ancient temple or preside over the gates of Hell....

Leah has always noticed him, but most often with her eyes closed. Handsome and elusive, the mysterious, intimidating senior who walks without equal through the grey halls of their quiet high school has always caught Leah's eye.  But in her sleep, he leaves her spellbound. He is a taste of Heaven and Hell.  Larger than life, fiercer than fire, he lights up Leah's dreams with the glory of the sunrise while his imposing presence banishes her chronic nightmares away.  Now, after frequenting her dreams for months, he seems to be watching her day and night, and Leah can't resist fantasizing that the aloof boy everyone else is afraid of may actually be protectively watching over her.  But her friends warn her that he's dangerous.  Is he protective or obsessed?  What does he want with her?


When Leah's worst nightmares begin to materialize around her and her world begins to fray at the seams, her night angel is the only one Leah trusts to help her.   Angel or demon, with danger closing in on her, Leah wants to believe that he can save her.  But can anyone save her from herself?  If she only knew what awaits her.  There's something Leah's nightmares have been trying to tell  her....
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The world is not as it seems. 

Leah's eyes have been opened to see the world around her as she has never seen it before--more beautiful, more terrifying.  She can't go back and she doesn't know how to move forward. Asher has sworn to protect her, but some things she must learn on her own.  And painful suspicions tell her that even Asher may not be what he seems--the question that may be the most terrifying she has to face.

Searching for understanding, Leah finds more questions than answers, yet must make choices that will decide the fate of many:  those she loves, those she despises, many she has never met and never will...some she will kill.  Life and death, right and wrong, and all the uncertainties inbetween weigh on Leah's shoulders.  And danger abounds.  Leah doesn't know who to trust.  Through it all, she desperately seeks to find her destiny and to find the truth even as it unravels everything that has ever mattered to her.